Consulting Services


As the CEO of Watier Ong Strategies, I focus on finding and solving the source of your marketing problem. I think that all strong marketing plans are rooted in the profound understanding from your data and customer research.

My approach includes diagnosing your marketing processes, systems, and resources; assisting you in refocusing your strategy on the truths that will allow your brand and products to connect; and engage with your target audience.

I have ten years of experience creating compelling, successful online marketing campaigns (and over 25 in traditional marketing) all of which has driven website traffic and conversions for clients.

Contact me today to learn more about how to break through the online noise and connect with your audience.

My process:

I focus on creating integrated online marketing strategies for my clients. The process starts with me understanding your organization’s goals and your online customer. Sometimes that means I work to clean up your online data to ensure we both start with a solid foundation.

I then look at and/or create your customer personas and map those personas to your customer journey – all ending with your customer taking the online action you want them to drive your business forward.

Next, I’ll take a look at your online presence and often conduct SEO technical audits or social media audits to find areas for overall improvement how you’re managing your search and social campaigns to best reach your customer online.

Along the way, I provide TONS of training and allow YOU to ask TONS of questions.

Your marketing challenges and your enthusiasm for getting excited about new insights and solutions are what keep me going – it’s my passion. And I love training and working with your team too. I’ve been told that my enthusiasm for this stuff is infectious.

Finally, if it’s what you need, I’ll create content marketing, link building, and social media/video promotion strategies to expand the reach of your message online and ensure that your customer finds you when searching.

Here’s a listing of the types of services I’ve provided to other clients:

  • Strategic 360-degree marketing and sales strategies
  • Online strategy & training
  • Technical SEO audits, benchmarks and recommendations
  • Social media benchmarks and recommendations
  • Social media strategy
  • Creation of social media process and protocols to govern your social media presence
  • Content creation, marketing, and editorial calendars
  • Google Analytics consulting, implementation, and reporting
  • Online marketing and social media team hiring support
  • Video SEO and promotion

And here’s a listing of my previous consulting clients:

  • Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
  • Environmental Working Group
  • Ketchum Inc
  • Leadership Alexandria
  • International Food Information Council
  • Westat
  • GHI International
  • Joy of Motion Dance Centers
  • WATTAgNet
  • You can see my previous clients while working at Ketchum here.

Curious to learn more?

Here’s a link to learn more about how I have been able to drive online marketing results for a variety of projects/clients.