I have a masters degree from Georgetown University from their Communications, Culture and Technology program where I focused on Technology Marketing and Business. You can view a variety of my academic papers focused on Internet marketing, organizational change, product management, and design theory.

For my graduate thesis, I asked the question, "Are consumers interested in adopting wearable computers?" My answers stemmed from consumer polls, focus groups and an individual use trial using Xybernaut's Poma product, which is now no longer on the market. To see highlights of my findings, you can view the executive summary and press release.

I received my bachelor's degree in social psychology from Hampshire College in Amherst, MA. The program was multi-disciplinary, with no test, grades or credits (for every class I received a personal evaluation from the professor, which you can view here). I spent four years examining social change from a micro to a macro level through classes in psychology, social psychology, conflict resolution, global history, and epistemology. I would encourage you to view writing samples from my time there, as well as my undergraduate thesis. My Hampshire thesis compared the recorded history of teens in the 4-H program over the past century with the media's coverage of teenagers during the same period, and an analysis of why teenagers are dropping out of the 4-H program in Maine and Massachusetts.

My current intellectual interests are focused on biotechnology and other issues that are covered at Poptech.org, a cutting-edge technology conference that I volunteer at every year.

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