I'm not sure whether it started when at age 10, my mother gave my brother and I a book on how to program our Commodore 64 to make sounds and play colors across the screen. Or perhaps it was in 1994 when I first learned how to code html to create my first web page.

No matter what the origins, I've developed an intellectual fascination with cutting-edge technology and scientific developments. I feed this intellectual passion by attending Pop!Tech each year in Camden, ME. I also decided to attend Georgetown University's Communications, Culture and Technology program and I received my masters there in 2003. My academic studies there focused on the business and policy side of technology, and my graduate thesis focused on consumers' interest in wearable computers.

You can explore my fascination with wearable computers (and read the executive summary of my research findings) here on my web site.

I've also explored the issues of cloning, brain development, and psychology of computer mediated interaction.

Search Engine Optimization & Marketing now fills my days with new discoveries and curiousity. I translate that passion into webinars and face-to-face training courses which cover SEO, SEM, how to read web analytic reports, and use Web 2.0 to drive more visitors to your website. I maintain a blog on the subject: SearchMarketingforNonprofits and will be traveling around the country in 2008 as an online marketing trainer.

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