Is Google Using Human Raters to Evaluate Google Plus Content?

Is Google Using Human Raters to Evaluate Google Plus Content?

I noticed the following part time job listing the other day:


Lionbridge is one of the firms that recruits for Google’s Human Raters for their search results. It looks as though (potentially Google) is recruiting part time folks to be human evaluators for their Google+ algorithm.

If this is the case, why is this important?

If you’ve read any of my other blog posts you know that I’m obsessed about online personalization and the discovery of content. As a marketer, I think its important to know what the barriers are for your content being found by your target audience.

While I had always trained my colleagues and clients to understand that there are best practices when drafting Google+ content, I know that quite a few companies just repurpose their Facebook content for Google+.

But what if your content also had a appeal to a real live human in order to be found in the flood of other online posts?

The content quality bar is higher if the discovery of Google+ content is impacted by humans reviewing your content. It means that repurposing your content from Facebook won’t work, and  that Google+ content needs to adhere to Google’s other quality content guidelines.

So is Google+ worth the additional effort?

It depends on your business goals, but here are few reasons why Google+ is still worth your time:

  • Google+ posts (if quality enough) can be directly indexed into Google search and found by searchers.
  • Google+ allows for creating Interactive posts which allow you to the users click deeply into your website or mobile app to take an action.
  • Google+ drives more quality engaged visitors than Twitter or LinkedIn.
  • Google+ activity enables Google to learn more about you as an “entity” -which could translate into more search exposure.
  • It is still a relevant social network— in terms of active users, it’s just behind Facebook.
  • Hangouts on Air rock – how else can you broadcast to unlimited users on the Internet for free?

Being found on Google+ just requires its own focus and attention.

With Human Raters on the job, no longer can you use your Facebook posts. Real Google+ content discovery and engagement requires a real effort from you as marketer, but it’s worth it.