I have trained a variety of groups and organizations over the past eight years on the foundations of online marketing including SEO, PPC, email fundraising, social media activation, link building, and web analytics. You can view presentations from my most recent trainings and speaking engagements below.

My Online Marketing Training Classes

My Online Marketing Training Classes

Do you need help on your journey to understanding digital/online marketing?

Do you feel as though you might have gaps in your online marketing knowledge? I can help.

I have been training people in online marketing for the past ten years, and I got my start training grandmothers about SEO (no really!).

Over my career I have trained clients on the following topics:

  • Online marketing site audits, competitive assessments, and Search Engine Optimization for existing sites.
  • Keyword research and online writing
  • Link building and online relationship management strategies
  • Social Media marketing strategies for link building and brand building
  • Social media platform “how to’s” for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and Google+
  • Social media customer service
  • Face-to-face online marketing, local search, social media and web analytics training sessions and workshops,
  • PC ad management through a Google Grant.
  • Management of web analytics (Omniture and Google Analytics) for national non-profit sites, and training for local sites.
  • Information architecture development, usability testing and assessment for new web sites or redesign of old sites

Online Marketing Training Clients

My online marketing training sessions have become very popular, and I’ve run sessions at the following venues or for the following clients:

  • Online Marketing Institute
  • Search Engine Strategies Chicago
  • Online Marketing Summit, San Diego
  • DC Capital Week
  • Exl Pharma Conference
  • National Honey Board
  • HHS Office of the National Coordinator
  • NY State of Health
  • Toshiba Medical Service
  • Cleveland Clinic
  • Express Scripts
  • National Conference for Volunteering and Service
  • Delaware Volunteerism Conference
  • Northwest Network Conference
  • Democracy in Action Conference
  • NTEN Conference
  • Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
  • Volunteer Alexandria
  • Environmental Working Group

Here’s what some of my students have said about my marketing training classes:

Thanks for the Social Media Training. You have no idea how helpful it was for our Foundation. You have been a light for us who were in the darkness on Social Media.  – Rev. Jean-Claude Atusameso, President, JATUKIK PROVIDENCE FOUNDATION

I wanted to share with you that your workshop was the best that I attended at the conference (National Conference on Volunteering and Service). I especially appreciated the presentation of different levels of investment in SEO activities based upon how much time individuals have available. – Marta Bortner, California Volunteers

 Thank you so much Katherine. Yours was the most relevant and useful webinar that I have participated in recent history. Thanks again!- Sarah W. Catoe, Hands On Asheville-Buncombe

Your knowledge is invaluable to us and I am so very grateful to you for sharing your expertise with us. We’ll be checking your blog as we update our own online marketing…and I’m sure we will be asking for help in the future! You are the BEST, Katherine. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!! –Ann Wilson Director of Operations Joy of Motion Dance Center Director

Additionally, I have provided online marketing consulting support to the following non-profits, governments and businesses:

  • Westat
  • International Food and Information Council,
  • GHI International
  • TechLiterate
  • Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
  • National 4-H Council
  • Barquin International
  • HelpinDisaster.org
  • Joy of Motion
  • Maine Organization of Storytelling Enthusiasts
  • WATTAg

Feel free to view some of my online marketing consulting examples:

Are you interested in having me create a custom class for you or your team? Please contact me .

New Class: How Machine Learning impacts search and social personalization

New Class: How Machine Learning impacts search and social personalization

My new class about how machine learning is driving search and social personalization with Online Marketing Institute is now available online.

I cover how search and each major social media platform is personalized to its end user, and walk through tips for marketers about how to create data driven campaigns that breakthrough that personalization filter.

I’ll cover what machine learning and artificial intelligence is and how it’s being used by Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn to personalize everyone’s online experience.

Ray KurzweilI also cover a bit about Ray Kurzweil and his AI background and how I think he (and others at Google) are driving a transformation where he can “…envision some years from now that the majority of search queries will be answered without you actually speaking.”





You should check it out!

I am now an Online Marketing Institute Instructor

I am now an Online Marketing Institute Instructor

It’s official. I’m now a part of the Online Marketing Institute faculty. If you were not attending Online Marketing Institute this year, you can now view my presentation, Breaking through the Personalization Filter if you are subscriber to Online Marketing Institute.

Via the class, you will learn:

  • How the personalization filter is impacting their online marketing campaigns and how the personalization trend is only intensifying over time
  • How data driven customer personas can make the difference when creating content and outreach strategies and will learn how to create personas for their own brand
  • How to leverage Google+ and social sharing to increase exposure in a personalized search environment
  • How to re-use online community building data to develop deeper relationships with their online audiences
  • Various ways to measure whether you’ve met your target audience regardless of their personalization filter

Many thanks to the folks who helped me crowdsource Google personalized search results – which you can see here.

The future of online is intense personalization, so if you’re not up to speed on how that impacts your online marketing efforts, I would make learning about online personalization a priority this year!