My name is Katherine Watier Ong and I am the CEO of Watier Ong Strategies.

I’m an experienced online marketer, early web adopter (I created my first website in 1994) and technology geek.

Browse around to learn more about my experience in SEO, PPC, web analytics, social media, mobile strategies, my consulting services or my mad skills in training others (and getting them addicted) to online marketing.

I got my start in motivating others early in life and if you’re interested about why I have an award named after me (the Katherine Watier Environmental Award) you can find out more about that award at the nonprofit that I founded in high school called The Rainforest Challenge.

Ultimately though I’m sure you’re here because you’re curious about “Who is that Katherine Watier Ong?”, and what kind of results can she drive for my organization?

Rest assured you will find your answers here.



Frank Stovicek  Frank Stovicek
“I used to do link building and keyword optimization back in the early 2000’s when I was running my own shop and when the web world was much simpler. SEO, as an industry, has matured and refined itself exponentially over the last decade…Enter Katherine… She stays close to Google and Bing, constantly researching and evaluating and double-checking herself. She reads the blogs and listens to other industry leaders closely (I say “other” because Katherine is definitely one in her own right). And she does this constantly while pushing through an amazing workload. Her team is always hustling and yet always learning and growing and changing with the fast-paced times.

Katherine’s excellent management skills and ever-present focus on obtaining and developing current best wisdom to put to practice makes her SEO campaigns solid and accountable. To boot, Katherine is a solid team player, an earnest listener, is both strategic and detailed and all the while confident in the answers, approach and strategies she recommends. I use Katherine as my benchmark to measure all other SEO practitioners against. I’ve had the opportunity to learn a lot from Katherine and continue to do so. It continues to be a absolute privilege to work with her.”

JasonLutrell  Jason Luttrell

“Katherine is an expert in social marketing and search engine marketing; she’s also passionate about getting results. She approaches every project with undivided attention and commits herself to the client’s success.”